Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Moving my blog.

Im moving my wee blog over to tumbler if you would like to follow.
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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Bricks & Mortar

Gala Days are here to stay.

This Sunday I shall have a little stall at the Lauderdale Park Gala day in Hyndland.
I made this design to be printed on Tote Bags, that shall be sold in many of the local Hyndland shops.       All proceeds going towards to the upkeep of Lauderdale Park and towards future events.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Edinburgh Mapped

On Thursday evening I popped over to Edinburgh for the opening of Edinburgh Mapped at Broughton Deli. This was a group show with over 25 artists, with every piece responding to a Edinburgh location. There is a lovely lil’ map that accompanies the show. This includes all the artists and their chosen Edinburgh locations. Other work on show was brill! Including pieces by the lovely Robbie Porter and Louise Smurthwait.
The show is on until the 28th of August, so pop in by if you are in town. While you are there you should sample some really good food from the deli, purchase a card (maybe mine!)  and then pop over to Concrete Wardrobe andCuriouser & Curiouser , both great art and designs shops on Broughton street.
It was lovely to finally meet Nicky Brooks, the curator of the show. I was very pleased to be asked to have my own solo show at Broughton Deli next year, also to get some work into the amazing wee Red Door Gallery .
So a lovely evening was had, creating opportunities, catching up with other illustrator pals  and eating some lovely lovely grub from the deli. Then of course we had to sample a little ‘Jekyll and Hide’ cocktail before heading back home.
‘Rapper’s Delight’ – my piece for the exhibition.
I grabbed a quick snap before I dropped the piece off for hanging. It is sitting on my great Grannies leather suitcase – which although very heavy – is perfect for all my stalls.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Sloan's Market

I will again this weekend, (30th/ 31st July)  be setting up stall at Sloan's Market.

I have roped in more trusty pals to show and sell their pretty damn snazzy artwork with me as well.

Firstly... Lesley Barnes.  LOOK at her prints and bookmarks that will be on offer. She is a STAR of animation and illustration. I'm sure we will get some wrapping paper in there too.

Then we have my wee buddy Gen Ryan, who I studied with and had a very most fantastic time in Australia with, she lived there for a year. I absolutely love the work she did when she was out there, including this SURFBOARD. She will have some very lovely prints / cards and maybe even some t-shirts. Stunning.

Then there is Jenny Macgregor. She is my stalls base partner who helped me get out and about to the Sloan's stall last time. We will be in need of her very trusty ART MOBILE. Pile all that artwork in the car!  She created this Sculpture piece for my Artfusion day, the public response was super, it really helped make the event.  Again she will be selling her very colourfully , very considered and painterly original work. Perfect.

I'm really looking forward to showing off this artwork together. I really feel its important for Artwork of this standard to be seen outside of the art galleries and into the public view. Lets hope the sunshine continues.

I will have prints, stickers, cards and bags to sell. Lets hope we can fit it all in. See you then.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Stalling it up!

After all of Artfusion's success, I decided I was on board for some more stalls, so I stocked up and  signed up for a stall for every weekend on July. The first was at Sloans Market at the bottom of Buchanan Street in Glasgow. I did this with the lovely Jenny Macgregor. We dressed up the space with artwork hanging on the stall walls, framed pieces on easels and off course, as always.... Bunting! It was interesting to see how the work was responded to outwith a 'craft and makers' market. The others stall holders included jewellery, soap, cakes and Scotland tops and loads more of.  Although we witnessed a very 'Eastenders' stallholders barmy and it was the quietest Saturday in a while due to the everyone being at either T-in the Park and the Tallships at Greenock -which I went and visited on the day they sailed out, was stunning- we had a most lovely day and will be doing Sloans again for sure. Next time Gen Ryan has signed up to be my stall partner. 

This Sunday, I was at the Magpie Market at the Hub in Edinburgh. I shared with fellow ECA Biff Illustration classmates, Gen Ryan and Fiona Purves. Fellow stall holders included some of my fave illustrations makers, Louise Smurthwait, Alburt and Suzy Q. Was lovely having a wee catch-up with them all. 

Afterwards I trooped down to Broughton Deli to hand in my piece for the upcoming exhibition during the festival. Edinburgh Mapped. - Edinburgh Mapped is Broughton Deli Art’s Festival Exhibition which aims to throw a spotlight on the connection between the city and the talented artists who draw inspiration from Scotland’s capital.  Curator Nicola Brooks is on the hunt for artists who can link a final piece of art work to a set location in Edinburgh in order to map the city’s most unconventional points of inspiration.  These spots will be printed onto a map to create an artist’s tour of alternative Edinburgh

 My piece on my way to Broughton Deli. 'Rappers Delight' - Features Bristo Square and all its happens, including the Rap Battles I once witnessed with Lindsay Grimes, Jenny Macgregor and Erika Stevenson.

Next stall is this Saturday (23rd) at CCA in Glasgow. I will again be sharing a stall with Jenny Macgregor at UpMarket. Come along! I will be making bags for it. ( IF i Can)

Friday, 17 June 2011

Toad's Door

My design for the studio door is finally in situ. 


Well, its all over. I have been pretty occupied over the past couple of months organizing the Artfusion  event , part of the Gibson Street Gala. I'm finally over all my sleepy recovery and ready to blog about it! I was a tired girl.

We had the raffle of all the murals (lucky winner Gillian of mine below) live art by Klingatron, a sculpture by Jenny MacGregor, window display by Lesley Barnes and artwork for sale by over 40 artists. What a day and I'm happy to say my anti- rain dance worked a treat and the rain stayed away. Although the wind was a little gusty! I witnessed a many artists grabbing onto artwork before it was blown into the river!

The exhibition 'Geometric Glasgow' is still in Offshore's Basement if you would like to take a look. It features one piece from all artists with work on show at Artfusion and runs until the end of the month.

All the run up to the event and more photos can be seen on the facebook page.

A massive thank you to all that made this day possible, I couldn't of done it on my own. Everyone working together on this created a successful event. I really enjoyed being involved in event that lets art connect with the public on such a large scale. 'Till the next one.

Thanks to Erika Stevenson and Lesley Barnes for the snaps. 

Mural Painting

For Artfusion, I got together a wee group of artists to create some murals, in the plan to raffle them off on the day. The artists creating these pieces (from left to right) are… Greer PesterRobbie PorterUrsula ChengGenevieve RyanMatt Swan. Oh and Me!
I really enjoyed my week with everyone about my house, working together on a project like this is just FUN. We walked away with a tenner thrown out the window from a local resident, mural requests from local restaurants, and talk of many more collaborations. Watch out, team artfusion coming at ya!

Video Premier.

To wind down Artfusion, our closing event was on Wednesday, the world premier of Lesley Barnes‘s animated music video for Belle and Sebastian.
Bear Squadron where there in force, wearing all the masks created by Lesley. Many thanks to Sarah from Belle and Sebastian for her help and to lesley who created a wonderful window display to promote the event, paintstakingly cutting out and creating lots of puppets and masks.  The video would not have been possible without the amazing skills of animators Bruce Cameron and Matt Saunders who had to make bears dance, create a sea of spins and make lots of things move! Erika from Peckhams, thankyou so much for making the most splendid, yummy cake! And a final wee shout out to my brothers Craig and Niall Walker who without we would not of had any sound!
Thanks all , a splendid night was had. The video will be out over the next couple of days for all to be see!
Bear Squadron Chief, Lesley Barnes.
Sarah from Belle and Sebastian.
Bear Squadron and Toad’s Caravan members Libby and Joanna.
Jenny MacGregor, Bearsquadron member and maker of the scuplture and artwork at Artfusion.
Carrie Maclennan from Made in the Shade.
The audience during the viewing. Enthralled.
The Offshore window display.
Photographs courtesy of Niall Walker.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Belle & Sebastian Premier

The amazing Lesley Barnes has recently finished the music video for Belle and Sebastian's new single 'I Didn't See It Coming' But no-one can see said video until the launch of single and premier.

So get along to Offshore on Wednesday 15th June at 7pm to see it!

There shall be character masks for all, puppets, cakes, drinks and some more Lesley animation to see. Including some members from the band will be joining us.

Check her website to get a taster of what you can

Cant wait! See you there. Attend the Facebook page here.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Present in the Bag

My wee sis was flaunting her Birthday present from me today. This bag was the reason for a hole in my finger. Sewing machine went right through it!

Friday, 29 April 2011

Studio Door

Been working on a new design to put on the Toad's Caravan front door, getting the vinyl printed next week. Spent ages trying to make it look proper stained glass.  Got to love photoshop.

Check the Toad's Caravan studio blog.

Thursday, 28 April 2011


I made these designs for my new stamp collection. (for card making)
In collaboration with Damselfly and Queenbee cardmaking and gift shop.

Looks like we have encountered problems with copyright issues... Anyone know what the deal is with copyright of the featured products? Im considering contacting the big brands directly. Cant be a bad thing a bit of product placement promotion?

Birthday Commission

I was commissioned to create a personalised piece for a 60th Birthday, Check all the places this person  has been and lived. I want to have lived in Rome , Paris, Canary Islands and worked on a hovercraft by the time Im 60!

Friday, 15 April 2011


This year im organising ARTFUSION.
If you would like to apply for a stall email me on


Monday, 21 March 2011

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Toads Caravan

So happy to be working away in Toads Caravan studio's again.

Got a new desk all set up sitting beside Steven Bonner.  Great to be pearing over his shoulder as he works on many exciting projects! Loved his swan image that was part of the Zone of Ablation exhibition.


Go Klingatron Go. Klingatron exhibited his work at our Zone Of Ablation.

About time a shared this guys epic stencil cutting ability. 

Monday, 28 February 2011

Andrew Rae

Andrew Rae - this guy made me want to be an illustrator.
L O V E    I T

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Cold snap

Back from my lovely inspiring time away... now working on pieces for a new exhibition themed on this trip, details to come. Feeling all warm and sunny and bright.
But in the meantime and here is a couple images of my own work for the "Zone of Ablation" exhibit. 

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Patterns and Tourists