Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Stalling it up!

After all of Artfusion's success, I decided I was on board for some more stalls, so I stocked up and  signed up for a stall for every weekend on July. The first was at Sloans Market at the bottom of Buchanan Street in Glasgow. I did this with the lovely Jenny Macgregor. We dressed up the space with artwork hanging on the stall walls, framed pieces on easels and off course, as always.... Bunting! It was interesting to see how the work was responded to outwith a 'craft and makers' market. The others stall holders included jewellery, soap, cakes and Scotland tops and loads more of.  Although we witnessed a very 'Eastenders' stallholders barmy and it was the quietest Saturday in a while due to the everyone being at either T-in the Park and the Tallships at Greenock -which I went and visited on the day they sailed out, was stunning- we had a most lovely day and will be doing Sloans again for sure. Next time Gen Ryan has signed up to be my stall partner. 

This Sunday, I was at the Magpie Market at the Hub in Edinburgh. I shared with fellow ECA Biff Illustration classmates, Gen Ryan and Fiona Purves. Fellow stall holders included some of my fave illustrations makers, Louise Smurthwait, Alburt and Suzy Q. Was lovely having a wee catch-up with them all. 

Afterwards I trooped down to Broughton Deli to hand in my piece for the upcoming exhibition during the festival. Edinburgh Mapped. - Edinburgh Mapped is Broughton Deli Art’s Festival Exhibition which aims to throw a spotlight on the connection between the city and the talented artists who draw inspiration from Scotland’s capital.  Curator Nicola Brooks is on the hunt for artists who can link a final piece of art work to a set location in Edinburgh in order to map the city’s most unconventional points of inspiration.  These spots will be printed onto a map to create an artist’s tour of alternative Edinburgh

 My piece on my way to Broughton Deli. 'Rappers Delight' - Features Bristo Square and all its happens, including the Rap Battles I once witnessed with Lindsay Grimes, Jenny Macgregor and Erika Stevenson.

Next stall is this Saturday (23rd) at CCA in Glasgow. I will again be sharing a stall with Jenny Macgregor at UpMarket. Come along! I will be making bags for it. ( IF i Can)

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