Friday, 17 June 2011

Video Premier.

To wind down Artfusion, our closing event was on Wednesday, the world premier of Lesley Barnes‘s animated music video for Belle and Sebastian.
Bear Squadron where there in force, wearing all the masks created by Lesley. Many thanks to Sarah from Belle and Sebastian for her help and to lesley who created a wonderful window display to promote the event, paintstakingly cutting out and creating lots of puppets and masks.  The video would not have been possible without the amazing skills of animators Bruce Cameron and Matt Saunders who had to make bears dance, create a sea of spins and make lots of things move! Erika from Peckhams, thankyou so much for making the most splendid, yummy cake! And a final wee shout out to my brothers Craig and Niall Walker who without we would not of had any sound!
Thanks all , a splendid night was had. The video will be out over the next couple of days for all to be see!
Bear Squadron Chief, Lesley Barnes.
Sarah from Belle and Sebastian.
Bear Squadron and Toad’s Caravan members Libby and Joanna.
Jenny MacGregor, Bearsquadron member and maker of the scuplture and artwork at Artfusion.
Carrie Maclennan from Made in the Shade.
The audience during the viewing. Enthralled.
The Offshore window display.
Photographs courtesy of Niall Walker.

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