Sunday, 21 February 2010

Optimistic Hope

Well, Ive decided to set myself a challenge in the hope of productivity. I shall post one new pattern every day. Now the fact I have said this to the very few people out there following Im sure it will motivate me.
Pattern Number 1 is Darken. My dad just finished his stained glass piece today, so its slightly inspired by that thought. Also I opened my window in a very optimistic "its sunny so its warm" jolt of excitement, only to realise how bloody freezing it was, but saw a lil bird sitting in my hedge. So it inspired my wanting to draw a bird time so.. freezingness = bad times, inspiration= good times. Shall i open the window tomorrow?


  1. Thanks guys, that you practicing your glasgow? Pure Brand New!Pure Dead Brilliant, i think that might be our welcoming slogan at paisley airport. x

  2. Libby, this is soooo good! I love the bird and the colours. yeh! x